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BlueMAP-India is the brainchild of several long discussions between biologists, communicators, and marine life enthusiasts who have aided and supported its creation. It is a continuing compilation of an overall view of India’s marine realm, built with the aim to offer you - the viewers and explorers - a chance to engage with the mesmerizing marine habitats of India and the plethora of species that call them home.

This resource also offers an important nuanced understanding of how the various policies and laws in India govern the protection of these marine areas, species, and other related aspects, and the map offers insights on the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) notified by the Government of India.

Each section of this website is linked to the others, much like a complex, intricate, and yet wondrous marine food web. You may choose to dive into any section first and follow where that takes you, or you can go with the flow and zoom in from the habitats to the species, and then explore the threads that tie us, the people, to the oceans.

We hope to spark your curiosity for everything marine, an appreciation for its uniqueness, and a desire to promote the conservation of India’s marine ecosystems.

Happy exploring!

~ The BlueMAP-India Team
   Wildlife Conservation Society - India

Our Contributors

This website combines the efforts and contributions of several people with varied interests in the marine realm, who come from different backgrounds. Our shoal of contributors is nearly as diverse as the marine life one would see underwater, with marine biologists, illustrators, recreational divers, hobby photographers, policy experts, science communicators, and conservationists coming together to add value to this resource.

Adhith Swaminathan | Photographs

Nupur Kale | Photographs

Vardhan Patankar | Photographs

Sudhanshu Dixit | Photographs

Sagar Rajpurkar | Photographs

Al Badush | Photographs

Anant Pande | Photographs

Chetan Rao | Photographs

Coastal Impact | Photographs

Mahi Mankeshwar | Photographs

Evan Nazareth | Photographs

Jonathan Emmett | Photographs

Joydeep Sarkar | Photographs

Karan Baath | Photographs

Karan Deshpande | Photographs

The BlueMAP-India Team

BlueMAP-India is a collaborative output that was realised by a team of passionate individuals with varied backgrounds and interests, united by a common goal.

Arghadeep Das | Policies & MPAs

Radha Pennathur | Art Direction

Rujan Sarkar | Content Inputs

Zamin Syed | Content & Trivia

Shyama Kuriakose | Policy Inputs

Gayatri Jawali | Illustrations

Phalguni Ranjan | Planning & Implementation

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